• Introduction

    The School of Business (SBS) aims to produce students who are confident and independent with marketable skills. Through the programmes offered, students have the opportunity to undergo industrial training through collaboration with local and international industrial partners. With the desire to salute the challenges of today’s ever changing economy, SBS offers two main Level 5 Diploma programmes in Business Accounting & Finance, and Business Studies. The latter offers three choices of specialisations: Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Human Resource Management. At present, SBS is led by a Head of School, Assistant Head of School with 22 lecturers who support the department.


    School at a glance


    The School offers courses to students who are interested in attaining entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and for those who aspire to establish their own businesses. Information Communication Technology (ICT) is used to enable students to learn more and faster at their own pace and time. A Learning Management System (LMS) also enables students to obtain information both on and off campus through blended learning approaches. In addition, SBS also offer ICT related modules such as Business Information Technology (IT) and Business Computing. These courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are demanded of the business industry.


    SBS holds three mottos: Educate, Perform and Excel.




    At the School of Business, we are committed to making Politeknik Brunei's Vision and Mission a reality by providing holistic education that is based on blended teaching and learning methods. Occasionally, speakers from different industries are invited to assist and deliver useful information that is relevant by sharing of their experiences and practices with our students.




    Through discussion of local and international issues and with the application of classroom knowledge, our students embrace the challenge of solving problems in real life situation through practical projects and coursework.




    In the School of Business, we strive to inculcate within our students the drive to achieve marketable skills that are highly valued in today’s world. Our testimonies from our industries and local partners have shared reviews about our students.




    Programmes on offer


    The School of Business offers two major diploma programmes to which students are given opportunities to develop interest and tap their potential by choosing one of our programmes:

        •  Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance

        •  Diploma in Business Studies, with a choice of majoring in:

             o  Entrepreneurship

             o  Marketing

             o  Human Resource Management

  • Program Structure

  • Diploma in Business Accounting & Finance

    This is a three-year course leading to the Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Finance. This course is designed for students to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills in the area of Accounting and Finance to prepare them for careers such as Accounts Assistant, Audit Assistant and Financial Assistant.


    Accounting and Finance are two important areas to any organisation in the evaluation of performance, management of its operation and in devising strategic planning. These two areas are complementary to each other. Accounting will focus on creating, communicating and analysing both past and present financial information and reports of organizations, while Finance will emphasise on predicting and analysing the growth and performance of any organization through the control and evaluation of its monetary resources with the use of data and reports.


    The modules included in this course provide students with accounting knowledge to manage daily records and financial reports of the business world. Thus, knowledge in finance will allow students to make sound and informed business decisions


    Programme Structure for Diploma in Business Accounting


        •  Communication Skills

        •  HSSE

        •  IT for Business

        •  Principles of Management

        •  Introduction to Financial Accounting

        •  Pengajian Melayu Islam Beraja

        •  Pendidikan Islam

        •  Mathematics for Business

        •  Entrepreneurship

        •  Business Economics

        •  Introduction to Management Accounting

        •  Business Law

        •  Financial Accounting

        •  Fundamentals of Financial Management

        •  Business Information Systems

        •  Corporate Law

        •  Final Year Project

        •  Internship

        •  Enrichment


    Option Modules:


        • Islamic Ethics & Governance

        •  International Trade & Finance

        •  Management Accounting

        •  Financial Reporting

        •  Corporate Finance

        •  Islamic Jurisprudence

        •  Auditing

        •  Taxation

        •  Financial Institutions & Markets

        •  Islamic Economics & Finance

  • Diploma in Business Studies

    This is a three-year course leading to the award of the Level 5 Diploma in Business Studies. This programme offers a variety of specialisation in a choice of three areas, Human Resource Management, marketing and entrepreneurship. The three areas are complementary to each other in the field of business. This prepare students in careers areas such as HR assistant, Payroll Assistant, Public Relations Officer, Marketing Assistant, Sales Assistant, Market Research Supervisor, Market Analyst or even to start one’s own company / business.


    Human Resource Management will focus on managing people in organisation, training & development, while Marketing will emphasise on planning and implementation processes, understanding consumer behavior with the use of market research. Entrepreneurship will help students to be more creative and innovative in their thinking.

  • Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management)

    People (human resources) are viewed as the most important asset of any organisation. Managing people is often viewed as the most challenging and complex, and the task involves: workforce planning and employment; managing and evaluating employees’ performance; administrating training and development programmes; and developing compensation and benefits plans. In this specialisation, students develop knowledge and skills in managing people effectively through an examination of key roles and best practices related to Human Resource Management.


    Specialisation Modules for Human Resource Management:


      •  Managing People in Organisations

      •  Workforce Planning & Employment

      •  Training & Development

      •  Performance Management

      •  Compensation & Benefits

  • Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing)

    This specialisation helps students to understand the marketing process which involves analysis, planning, implementation as well as control to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers. This course also hones a students skills to become an effective sales person which is also important in fostering customer relationships. Students will also develop effective marketing strategy skills through an understanding of consumer behavior. Environmental study and marketing research from quantitative to analytical tools will be used in the analysis. In today’s world, effective marketing method is necessary to ensure long-term success of any organization, such as E-Marketing and tele-marketing.


    Specialisation Modules for Marketing:


      •  Consumer Behaviour

      •  Marketing Research

      •  Service Marketing

      •  E-Marketing

      •  Sales & Selling Management

  • Diploma in Business Studies (Entrepreneurship)

    Specialisation in this course will help students to discover and develop personal attributes needed to become an entrepreneur. The course introduces the concept of entrepreneurship; a manageable process that can be applied across related careers and work settings. It focuses on building entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviours that will lead to creative problem-solving solutions within community and organisational environments. Students will also be equipped with competencies required for becoming an entrepreneur through case studies, creative problem-solving and exercises aimed at self-development, in which the students will have the opportunity to participate in the business planning process. The rewards of setting up a business can be high but is also risky. However, students who are goal oriented, resource driven and creative are groomed to succeed if they choose this specialization for their furture career.


    Programme Structure for Diploma in Business Studies


      •  Communication Skills

      •  HSSE

      •  IT for Business

      •  Principles of Management

      •  Fundamentals of Marketing

      •  Pengajian Melayu Islam Beraja

      •  Pendidikan Islam

      •  Mathematics for Business

      •  Entrepreneurship

      •  Microeconomics

      •  Macroeconomics

      •  Business Law

      •  Business Accounting

      •  Fundamentals of Financial Management

      •  Business Information Systems

      •  Strategic Management

      •  Final Year Project

      •  Internship

      •  Enrichment


    Specialisation Modules for Entrepreneurship:


      •  Project Management

      •  Innovation & Creativity in Business

      •  New Venture Planning

      •  International Business

      •  Start-up Lab Incubation

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