• Introduction

    The Research and Development (R&D) Department plays a significant role in Politeknik Brunei (PB). Each year, the R&D Department conducts a number of studies, in the form of institutional-wide research, with the aim of gathering invaluable feedback from PB stakeholders and in providing reliable and valid data results from the analysis made. The findings from these studies will be used by PB, especially for the purpose of making important decisions and planning for its continuous quality improvement, in supporting the vision of the institution, as expressed in the PB Five-Year Development Plan 2015-2020, “To be a reputable polytechnic producing innovative, skilful and marketable graduates" and its mission, "To equip students with sustainable skills through holistic and quality education in a supportive teaching and learning environment" as well as the Brunei Vision 2035.


  • Roles & Responsibilities

    The R&D Department plays a significant role in:

    “Supporting the strategic planning and an effective evidence-based decision making to the management of PB towards the achievement of the mission and strategic goals of PB for its continuous quality improvement.”


    The responsibilities of the R&D Department include the following:


    •  Develops and implements an appropriate system for assessing the effectiveness of PB programmes and services, including surveys, data reports, secondary data sources, quantitative and qualitative analyses, and research designs in order to make recommendations for institutional quality improvements;


    •  Establishes, administers, and coordinates PB institutional research activities that involve designing, distributing and collecting survey questionnaires and evaluation study; entering, cleaning, analysing, and interpreting the data; as well as reporting on the study findings;


    •   Manages and maintains the online survey software (i.e. SurveyMonkey);


    •   Maintains confidentiality of information with respect to students, graduates, staff, and employers; and


    • Facilitates the access to key institutional information for monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of PB, including the Graduate Progression Rate, Graduate Employment Rate, Graduate Satisfaction Rate and Employer Satisfaction Rate.


  • Staff


  • Contact

    Research and Development (R&D) Department

    Politeknik Brunei

    Block 2E Level 10 (10.02)

    Ong Sum Ping Condominium

    Jalan Ong Sum Ping

    Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311

    Negara Brunei Darussalam


    Office: +6732234466



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