• Introduction

    The Human Resource Department of Politeknik Brunei manages people with the right resources. The main aim of the Human Resource Department is to effectively and systematically manage human resource development in facilitating quality education. Politeknik Brunei has a population of 116 officers and staffs, which comprises of 56 administration staffs and 60 lecturers. Politeknik Brunei regards each officer and staff as a valuable asset towards achieving its vision and mission as well as its five years strategic plans.

  • Roles

    Human Resource Department covers the two areas: Administration duties & Human Resource Management.


    Administration duties :

    1. Budget:

        • Updating the occupancy of the available post on a monthly basis.


    2. Correspondence:

        • Internally:

         - Issuing placement letter to officers and staff who have joined Politeknik Brunei as well as
           for officers and staff who have been assigned to different departments.

         - Issuing appointment letters for acting post.


        • Externally:

          - Update change of post designation and permission to confer new position for Politeknik
            Brunei staff to Public Service Commission.

          - Coordinating daily paid personnel’s payroll.



    3. Recruitment:

        • Locum Tenens:

        - Communicate with related agencies with respect to welfare, performance appraisal as well
              confidential reports.


        • Daily Rated:

          - Issuing advert.

          - Conducting internal interviews.

          - Submit report for appointment.


        • Monthly Rated:

          - Issuing advertisement for monthly paid to the Public Service Commission.

         - Interview the candidates shortlisted by the Public Service Commission (PSC) with the
             members of the PSC.

          - Prepare report on interviews.


    4. Medals:

         • Coordinate nominations from Head of School and Head of Department.

         • Establish an Ad Hoc committee to shortlist nomination.

         • Submit nominations to the Ministry of Education.


    5. Appraisal:

        • Manage annual performance appraisals.



    Human Resource Management

    • Manage short-term training/meeting/seminar/conference locally and abroad:

       - Identify training providers within and outside the country.

       - Communicate with training providers from within and outside the country.

       - Disseminate training information to relevant departments.

       - Identify and nominate the officers and staff for training.

       - Submit training application for approval from Permanent Secretary of Higher Education.

       - Liaise with representatives of Brunei Darussalam Foreign Missions abroad for:

         1. Accommodation

         2. Transportation

         3. Payment of programme


       - Issue minute for the officers and staff who will attend training to submit reports and to conduct 
          sharing sessions on their completed training.


    • Manage long-term training/meeting/seminar/conference locally and abroad (In-Service

      - Circulate information about the courses offered and their datelines.

      - Review application forms.

      - Establish an Ad Hoc committee to shortlist the candidates.

      - Extend applications to the Ministry of Education.

      - Provide feedback on the outcome of the application.

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  • Contact

    Department of Human Resource

    Politeknik Brunei

    Block 2E Level 11

    Ong Sum Ping Condominium

    Jalan Ong Sum Ping

    Bandar Seri Begawan BA1311

    Negara Brunei Darussalam


    Office: +6732234466




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